5 Unique Running Tips

When I first decided I’d run a marathon I scoured the internet for ways to make it easier. I found some good advice. I learned how important RICE is (rest, ice, compression, elevation) for when I had an injury. I learned that you should wear compression leggings to help blood flow. I learned that stopping to walk while running totally counts.

With that being said, there were a lot of things I learned on my runs that I did not find on the internet. Here are 5 unique personal tips from me….to you, kind reader.

1. Listen to music you know the words to.
I find that when I blast a song I know all the words to it helps my running tremendously. First of all, it distracts my mind from what my body is doing. Secondly, I find it helps my breathing and pacing. So, turn up those 3 Green Day songs you know by heart and let your legs sing.

2. When you think you have hydrated enough, hydrate more.
I’m amazed at how much I will hydrate after a run and still wake up with a headache the next day. Get yourself a big water bottle and make a point to sip on it all throughout the day, especially after a long run. You’ll thank yourself later.

3. Take the pressure off.
There are SEVERAL days that I wake up and do not want to get up and run at all. Sometimes I will spend 10 minutes debating with myself if I’m going to do it or if I can push it off until tomorrow. The deal I’ve made with myself that I just have to go out and give it 10 minutes. If I can’t make it 10 minutes without hating myself then I turn around and go home. 90% of the time, I keep going though. I use this method for any time I don’t feel like working out. It’s a great way to not beat yourself up for no reason. Take a load off.

4. Pee before you leave the house.
Okay I know this is kinda of TMI but look, you do not want to have finally worked up the energy to go out for your run and then realize you have to use the bathroom. I’ve done this a few times, turned back around, used the bathroom, went back out and lost momentum. Even if you think you don’t have to go – still try. This might seem like obvious advice but…just do it, okay?

5. Don’t be afraid of “fats.”
I’m talking oils babay! I used to never let myself eat olive oil or any food that has high fat content because I would look at the calories and think “not today, satan.” Now, I’m living for olive oil, avocados and nuts. Fat is essential, especially for runners. You’ll have more energy for your workouts, feel fuller longer and studies show it actually helps prevent injury. I’ve noticed a night and day difference incorporating more fat into my diet.

There is a lot of running advice out there, but I always love reading people’s personal experiences and tips. I hope these tips helped you and if you have any tips please comment below! I can’t wait to steal all of your ideas.

Self care, self flare.



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Chicago gal offering my own take on self development, creativity, mental health and more.

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