Top 10 Podcasts….for when you’re stuck inside.

Okay I listen to podcasts no matter what. Inside or outside. Upside down. Whatever. Some of us, however, only listen to podcasts when they’re out and about. I’m assuming many of you are probably busting through your regular podcasts. If that’s the case, here’s a list of 10 to help keep you occupied while you’re Marie Condo-ing your apartment.

True Crime

1. Morbid Podcast
Ash and Alana are two goofy, thoughtful and all around down to earth chicks who discuss not only classic murderers but also pay a lot of respect to the victims. I found this podcast by searching for best true crime podcasts into Spotify. They are able to tell these stories with a lot of heart while making me laugh at the same time. If you’re looking for a refreshing and lighthearted murder podcast, this one is it.

2. True Crime Obsessed
Okay, I’m going to be honest. I did not think I was going to like this podcast. I love Patrick Hinds from when I used to listen to Broadway Backstory and Theatre People Podcast but that was a completely different fascet of podcast…Patrick has a TON of energy and the same goes for his cohost Gillian. They’re both really hyper, loud and honestly really funny. So putting that into the world of true crime…talking about the worst things that could ever happen to a person? That’s hard to pull off. I decided to give it a shot though. To my surprise, I loved it. Their main bread and butter is watching true crime documentaries like “Making a Murderer” or “Mommy Dead and Dearest” and discussing it in a crazy, upbeat, somewhat ridiculous way. They make me laugh a lot and a lot of the time they completely rip these docs apart! It’s so great. Highly recommend.


3. Power Hour
OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS PODCAST. It’s hosted by Adrienne Herbert. She is a motivational speaker, fitness influencer and all around cool gal from the UK. She interviews really inspiring people and they discuss their “power hour” which is the time you spend in the morning (or night) that is just for you that helps you set yourself up for a productive and positive day. I always finish every episode feeling so motivated and it’s even inspired me to create my own power hour every day.

4. The Whiskey and Work Podcast
Okay I have to admit that I’ve only just started listening to this podcast but it’s already made a great impact on my life. Most episodes are really short, which, for me is always better because I can only listen to self motivating conversations for so long. I love them, but too much of it kind of makes me crazy. It’s hard to explain….This podcast is hosted by Kelsey Murphy. She’s a business and life coach. I love her energy and her positive affirmations. This is a great listen when you first wake up and need something to fire you up for a successful day.


5. The Jillian Michaels Show
Before you punch me in the face, I know Jillian Michaels has said some really shitty and unnecessary things. I should say that I do not agree with many things she has sad as well as some of her choices. (See: Jillian Michaels and Lizzo) I don’t agree with her! Okay…can we move on now? However….since I was a teenager her tips and tricks have helped me lose weight and get healthy. She has worked with many physicians, fitness instructors and certified nutritionists and I do trust her opinion on several things. Also, her complete candor and lack of a filter…can sometimes be entertaining…okay I’m done now.

6. Well Far
This is a running podcast hosted by Amy Lane. She interviews marathon and ultramarathon runners and well as many various athletes. She’s usually on a run with them which is kind of fun, while she podcasts. I’ve learned so much about not only running, but physical fitness as a whole. I definitely would recommend this if you need some motivation to get moving.


7. Conan Obrien Needs a Friend
I love me some Conan. He’s always been my favorite late night host. In his podcast, he interviews various celebrities. It’s just a casual conversation though, really. It’s nice to listen to celebrities talk freely without the cover up of perfectly structured talk show questions. He’s brought so many hilarious comedians onto the show and I always find myself falling over with laughter. I’ve also learned a lot about the non glamorous side of being a celebrity through this podcast. Definitely eye opening. Listen to the Martin Short episode first and you’ll be hooked.

8. My Dad Wrote a Porno
I’ve only just begun listening to this podcast. It’s CRAZY. It’s hosted by British podcaster Jamie Morton along with his friends Alice Levine and James Cooper. Basically, Jamie’s dad wrote a porno(s) some odd years ago and each week they read a new chapter from his collection. It’s cringe but amazing.

Self Care

9. The Skinny Confidential (Him and Her Podcast)
This one is a hit or miss. Lauryn Evarts Bostick and her husband Michael Bostick are the hosts. They interview self care, health and wellness experts in the industry. I’ve received a lot of great tips from listening to the various people they interview. Sometimes I do find the hosts to be a little….umm annoying? How do I put this….they’re very L.A…..does that cover it? Sometimes their white privilege is screaming into my ears….now does that cover it? Otherwise though, I do find myself wanting to treat myself after and take really good care of my skin…and maybe have a green juice…so there are definitely some pro’s. If you need help with your self care routine, this is the podcast for you.

10. Unlocking Us (Brene Brown Podcast)
ALERT ALERT! BRENE BROWN HAS A PODCAST. I REPEAT, BRENE BROWN HAS A PODCAST. This podcast came out only a little over a week ago. I’m buzzing. I love Brene Brown. I don’t know any one who doesn’t. She is a shame and vulnerability researcher, a story teller, a teacher and a motivational speaker. I absolutely adore her. She has taught me so much about my life and the world. She interviews other inspirational people: (see the episode with Tarena Burke, founder of the #metoo movement.) Sometimes I do need to listen in short spurts because she is going into some really deep topics, but I’m always engaged and amazed every time I listen.

So that’s it folks. I hope this helps you all stay sane and pass the time. We’re all just doing our best right now. I find distractions like books, good TV and podcasts to be really helpful. Do you have any great podcast suggestions? Comment below! I could always use more.

Stay safe, wash your hands. Hide ya kids, Hide ya wife. (If you don’t get that reference let me know…I have an amazing YouTube video for you.)

Self care, self flare.



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